Welcome to The Pen Licence.

You may be here for teaching resources, or some support for crafting your own words. Perhaps you're also interested in working with words and playing with pictures. You may be an omnivorous reader, surfing for some light, bloggy entertainment. When you've explored The Pen Licence  today, please take a moment to subscribe for email updates, and to follow me on your social media channels. The Pen Licence is an active work-in-progress, so check back regularly for additions and updates. 

Why I'm Here

Hi, I'm Kathy. Thanks for visiting, 

I'm an educator, writer, iphone-ographer, wife, and mother (of grown-ups).  

Some days I run an all-round Help Desk.

The Pen Licence is dedicated to the friends and family who challenged me over the years with: "Why aren't you a writer? You should be a writing".

Here I am. Writing.  Out where you can see me. 

Why 'The Pen Licence'?

It's about the metaphor, not handwriting. 

It's about creative and expressive "licence"  (or license, for my US visitors). Freedom, permission, privilege, responsibility.  It's about writing life, story-telling , learning, challenges and works-in-progress, as well as teacher resources. Its safe to say there'll be  some light relief, especially when family  and friends make appearances. 

I hope you find inspiration  for your own creativity and expression  when you visit The Pen Licence.  Come along for the ride. I play with pictures as well as work with words, so we'll be taking the scenic route. 


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