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Here you will find links to a range of ideas and resources from short activities to fully developed lesson plans and resource kits including formative and summative assessment options, and incorporating Learning Intentions and Success Criteria.

My resources are available through my tes,com store .

I am excited to announce that rebranding and expansion into creative literacy resources as well as art resources is well underway and that Tick the Art Box is now found as The Pen Licence on, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Thank you to all customers and followers of Tick the Art Box, especially those who asked for more writing resources. I look forward to working with you in this new direction.

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Awesome Value, Real Learning, Countless Creative Opportunities

The Jacaranda are blooming here in Sydney, so it's definitely not too early to prepare the Advent and Christmas lessons. My TES resource bundles always provide significant savings, but until 14/11/18, the bargains are even better. These are comprehensive learning-focused resource kits to save you planning and paperwork, and to engage your students in real learning activities as the end-of-year excitement builds. (whether it's the end of the school year, as it is here, or the calendar year for our Northern Hemisphere friends). Spark your students' imaginations and yours too. Resource kits include suggested activities with multiple options for extensions, variations and challenges, and individual or collaborative work.  

Invest in this imagination opportunity! Visit The Pen Licence Resource Shop  or use the resource links below. 


Super Saver


The Cracker Christmas Bundle is my complete collection of Advent and Christmas Resources.  10 resource kits (also sold separately or as part of smaller bundles) provide countless, creative, engaging options for learning in Visual Arts, Literacy and Religious Education - for the price of a couple of coffees. The activities are adaptable, and you'll find your own imagination igniting as you implement them with your class. These are not just "use one time" resources. There are elements that you'll want to revisit, adapt and develop. 

We're all counting time and pennies at this time of year. The Cracker Christmas Bundle saves both. The regular bundle price saves 70% on the total price of the individual resources. Until 14/11/18 the bundle price is discounted by 25%.

What will you do with your savings? A sweet treat for yourself or a friend, or both? Will it help you out your staff Kris Kringle (Secret Santa)? An extra donation to a Christmas charity? It all adds up. I'd love you to contact me via The Pen Licence social channels and let me know. 


Ease in during Advent

Advent Arts Prepare Creatively Cover Image for Teaching Resource Bundle

Explore line, colour, shape and symbols with the Advent Calendar Resource and Advent Stained Glass Window Resource. Then starting thinking ahead, to Christmas with a Five Senses Christmas Poem, introducing or consolidating some grammar concepts and figurative language. Adaptable for a range of ages and grades, and with options for individual, small group or larger collaborative work

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Elements of Christmas Art Bundle Cover Image.

Explore the seven Elements of Art this Christmas. These resource packs encourage students to consider how artists use these elements in their artworks and to intentionally and creatively apply them in their own work. Detailed lesson plans are included, fully editable and adaptable, outline learning intentions, success criteria, resources and a sequence of activities. Linked assessment options are included. 

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Imagine Christmas Writing and Design Prompts Cover Image Teacher Resource Pack

The Most Fun!

Entertaining, Persuasive, Creative!

Something for every student writer and artist in this collection of eight Christmas-themed task cards. Students won't want to stop. You'll find you want to join in. For individual or collaborative writing projects. Variety of texts and genres.  Offer the range of choices, or choose one task that suits your current literacy focus. Excellent stimuli for class discussion / brainstorming.   Publish and share creatively. 

Imagine! Christmas Writing and Design Prompts  are available at a 25% discount until 14/11/18. A school licence is  available for a school-wide Christmas challenge. 


Advent Scriptures for RE

2018 Advent Gospel Reflections Calendar for sale at The Pen Licence Resource Shop

This cross-curriculum resource for Religious Education, Literacy and Art includes the (Roman Catholic) Gospel Readings for Advent 2018 with key word or theme from each reading. (The four Sundays also include the traditional Sunday themes). The resource is suitable for out-of -school youth and parish groups as well as school classes

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Create an Advent Work of Art

Artist Advent Calendars Cover Image. Draw, doodle or tangle a pattern a day.

Explore line, shape, pattern, texture and colour and Advent tradition, in a creative countdown to Christmas. Use either a religious Advent calendar specific to 2018 is included, commencing First Sunday of Advent, December 2) or a generic, secular calendar, commencing December 1.

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Hope, Love, Joy, Peace

Advent Stain Glass Windows Exploring Colour and Shape Resource Kit

Linking to Religious Education and continuing a creative countdown to Christmas, this resource focuses the artist on organic and geometric shapes, and warm and cool colours. The themes of each Sunday of Advent are linked to each window. 

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Spark your Senses

Compose and Illustrate a Five Senses Christmas Poem Resource Kit Cover Image

This resource introduces younger poets to figurative language devices (similes), and includes suggestions for extension and variations. Adaptable for a range of grades, experience and abilities. Cross-curricular links include Visual Arts and Religious Education. Suggested variations encourage students to consider the Christmas experience from other points of view, looking at Christmas in other countries and cultures, and also a social justice perspective.

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Keep Calm at Christmas

Elements of Christmas Art: LINE , Christmas themed tangle patterns

Not an end-of-year time-filler, a meaningful Visual Arts lesson exploring the element of line, which contains ”Art Appreciation” and “Art Making” components and can be spread over more than one timetabled session. This lesson pack is a complete and comprehensive resource for busy class teachers, casual relief (substitute) teachers, student teachers, homeschooling families, or out-of-school-hours care programs.

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Shape Up!

The Elements of Christmas Art: Shape
Cookie Cutter Shape Project

Collect some cookie cutters or use the shape template provided. Consider organic and geometric shapes and build vocabulary with the word wall cards included with every Elements of (Christmas) Art resource pack. Encourage students to set their own design criteria. Detailed lesson plan and assessment rubrics linked to Learning Intention and Success Criteria.

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Colour Consciousness

the Elements of Christmas Art:Colour  Warm and Cool Christmas Tree Design Teaching Resource Kit

Each of the Elements of (Christmas) Art Kits includes a detailed editable Rubric based on the Success Criteria for the lesson and design criteria for the task. These can be used for summative assessment but also provide opportunities to involved students in self and peer assessment

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Seasonal Still Life

The Elements of Christmas Art: Form and Value Teaching Resource Kit

These Elements of (Christmas) Art lesson packs are complete and comprehensive resources for busy class teachers, casual relief (substitute) teachers, student teachers, homeschooling families, or out-of-school-hours care programs. No time or space to construct your own Christmas still life? Use the photograph provided. Basic forms and shadows for value shading practice. 

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Creative Collaboration

The Elements of Christmas Art: Space and Texture Mixed Media Landscape Teacher Resource Kit

Let your students loose with recycled materials to create a mixed media Christmas landscape. Can be completed individually, but this is an ideal collaborative project for Christmas, reinforcing the artistic elements of space and texture, while encouraging co-operation and communication. 

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Latest Addition

Students Love Shape Poems

Diamante Poems provide a scaffold for imaginative writing and countless creative opportunities for publishing and collaboration.

Painlessly Integrate Grammar

Nouns, adjectives, verbs, synonyms and antonyms.

Make Connections

Explore themes, connections and transitions. Link to other subject areas. 

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Featured Resource

Do You Haiku?

 Jump over to my  blog post outlining my Top Ten reasons  to introduce students to this creative challenge (and to take it yourself). Check out my Haiku resources below and please share your creativity with us on our social media channels. 

Supporting Haiku Lesson Resources

Click through for supporting resources to introduce middle-upper primary or  middle school- junior secondary students to reading, writing and publishing the Haiku form of poetry.  The resource kit includes 

  • an expanded slideshow, including questions for individual or group responses. (available as Powerpoint Slideshow or PDF)
  • Learning Intention and Success Criteria
  • Sequence of lesson activities, with suggestions for engaging variations and creative challenges.
  • 2 PDF printable worksheets for planning and drafting Haiku
  • List of online resources  
  • Editable and adaptable assessment documents (.docx) based on Learning Intention and Success Criteria. The assessment rubric can be adapted for your formative or summative assessment needs or for student self and peer assessment.

Cross-curricular options include Visual Arts, Media Arts and ICT

Sneak Peek

This  “Animated Anchor Chart”  for Haiku poetry is a shorter version of the resource kit Slideshow. Use it as a a lesson introduction, summary review or a student referral resource.  Co-constructing a static anchor chart with students, or link the video to students’ Google classroom accounts for access outside the classroom. Purchase and download the full Haiku resource pack from my resource shop.

Trending Resource


20 different arrangements for any comic strip, storyboard, planner or graphic organiser activity across the curriculum.

  • Fully editable and printable PowerPoint slides, Frames can be inserted, deleted, or resized as required.
  • Add text, new shapes, images or elements.
  • Students can edit slides to suit their projects.
  • A invisible 4x3 table is under the frames, click on the outer edge of slide to view.  This table provides basic gridlines as a guide if necessary (gridlines are no longer included in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac)


Your Favourite Freebies

                               The most popular FREE downloads from my teacher store

Blank Word Wall Cards

Promoting Literacy across the Curriculum.
24 Printable Word Wall Cards as PDF
24 Editable Word Wall Cards as Word docx
Adaptable for use as task cards as well as classroom displays

Download from TES

Elements of Art Cards

For your Visual Arts vocabulary display,
Eight cards for the seven elements of art.
Both 'Colour' and 'Color' are included with Line, Shape, Value, Texture, Form and Space

Download from TES

Self-Assessment Art Rubric

Students are encouraged to self-monitor their learning with attention to the Success Criteria and design requirements, use of media and attention to detail,  creative efforts,  completion of tasks in a timely manner and co-operation and collaboration in the art class. Designed for art tasks, but adaptable for other subjects. 

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